Scotland are watching Super Twelve in a row

Scotland showed surprise by losing to Bangladesh. This time the team full of confidence lost to Papua New Guinea. The Scots went on to advance to the Super Twelve of the T20 World Cup with an 18-run victory in their second match today (Tuesday). They scored 175 runs for the loss of 9 wickets in 20 overs in front of the PNG bowlers. PNG can score 147 runs by playing for that goal.

Scotland are watching Super Twelve in a row
Scotland are watching Super Twelve in a row

After the loss of Bangladesh, Scotland is at the top of the table of ‘B’ group with full 4 points in the two matches against PNG. The second episode or Super Twelve has not been confirmed yet, but could happen today. Bangladesh-Oman will face in the second match of the day. If Bangladesh loses this match, the Scots will go to the next round. On the other hand, the hope of the second round is the last PNG.

Random PNG batting lineup in front of the Scottish bowlers from the beginning. They lost 5 wickets for 35 runs. After that when 8 wickets were cut for 6 runs, the loss became a matter of time. Although they did not give up. Turned around and fought. At one point Scotland was quite uncomfortable. Although the last smile is theirs.

Norman Vanua kept PNG’s hopes alive by playing an innings of 48 off 36 balls. After his departure, Chad Soper (18) tried but failed. If the top order had not failed, the story of the match could have been different for PNG.

Scotland’s most successful bowler is Josh Davy. He took 4 wickets with only 16 runs in 3.3 overs.

The way Richie Barrington and Matthew Cross were playing, at one point it looked like the run could be 180-190. But Papua New Guinea’s bowlers turned out well and Scotland’s collection did not increase. The Scots have not taken 6 wickets in the last two overs, to put it more clearly, they have lost 4 wickets in the last 5 balls! As a result, Scotland scored 165 for 9 in 20 overs in their second match of the T20 World Cup.

Kyle Quetzer (6) and George Mansi (15) were quickly put back in danger by the Scots at the Al Emirate Stadium in Oman. Barrington and Cross returned from that position. After losing to Bangladesh in the first match, the Scottish boat, which was full of confidence, got the foundation of a big collection with their stormy batting. Barrington did not shine in the Bangladesh match but raised a storm against PNG. He played 60 runs in 49 balls with 6 boundaries and 3 sixes. And he came down to number three and made 45 runs off 36 balls with two fours and sixes.

But in the end they have to see another picture. The come-and-go procession started after Kalam McLeod returned for 10 runs. Scotland lost 6 wickets in the last two overs. In particular, four Scottish batsmen returned in the last over of Kabua Morea. Moreya picked up Chris Greaves’ (2) wicket in the second ball of the 20th over. Sixes digested the next ball. The next three wickets!

Of course not a hat-trick. Because Michael Lesk (9) was run out in the fourth ball. Scotland’s innings ended with 175 runs after Josh Davy (0) and Mark Watt (0) were caught by Morea in the next two balls.

Moreya is the most successful bowler in PNG. This pacer who showed surprise in the last over took 4 wickets for 31 runs in 4 overs. Chad Soper got 3 wickets with 24 runs in 4 overs.


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