Men’s long hair is why society’s ‘dislike’

A letter issued by the chairman of Jahanpur Union of Char Fashion Upazila of Bhola about haircut is now being discussed through social media.

In the letter, Nazim Uddin Hawladar warned “all saloon shop owners and artisans” that legal action would be taken against them if they made any cut other than “circumcision cutting, defense / army cutting”.

Men's long hair is why society's 'dislike'
Men’s long hair is why society’s ‘dislike’

A madrasa teacher has been arrested in Bangladesh for cutting the long hair of students a few days ago.

Earlier, another teacher was being investigated for allegedly cutting the hair of 14 undergraduate students at Rabindra University.

In the society of Bangladesh, why men’s long hair is not seen with good eyes?

Notice regarding haircut in Char Fashion
Al-Noman, Upazila Nirbahi Officer of Char Fashion, Bhola, told the BBC that he (Mr Hawlader) had withdrawn the notices posted by Jahanpur Union Parishad Chairman Nazim Uddin Hawlader on various places in the union.

Rabindra University is out of order with the allegation of cutting the hair of students
Madrasa teacher arrested for cutting students’ hair
Why does the hair mature under stress?
Tuesday Mr. A notice signed by Hawladar warned the owners and artisans of the union’s haircuts that legal action would be taken against them for any cuts other than “circumcision cutting, defense / army cutting”.

The notice was widely discussed on social media in Bangladesh.

Upazila Executive Officer Mr. Noman said, “He apologized for the notice and took it away.

We talked to him, he doesn’t really know that it doesn’t fall under his jurisdiction. He didn’t realize it wasn’t his job. “

Meanwhile, Mr. Hawladar’s phone number has been blocked since Wednesday night.

Apart from this incident, in the last one month, several other incidents of men cutting long hair in Bangladesh have been discussed in the media.

The question here is why the negative attitude towards having long hair of men works in the society of Bangladesh?

‘Proof of masculinity by haircut’
Analysts say that for many years, men’s sexual identity has been associated with haircuts.

It is assumed that men’s hair will be shorter because it is masculine.

If a man has long hair on his head, it is considered feminine.

In that case, the prevailing thinking in the society is that men will have short hair and women will have big hair.

Zobaida Nasrin, a professor in the Department of Anthropology at Dhaka University, says, “Whenever men grow their hair long, it is assumed that they are not following the norms set by society. They are seen as scornful or anti-social.”

He said that the short hair of men was depicted in the form of modern men that was thought of during the Renaissance in Europe.

Professor Zobaida Nasreen says that for the last few hundred years, she has been imagined as a man’s social appearance with short hair.

“Short hair has also been shown to be the norm in subsequent standards set for jobs that are considered white collar jobs or respectable occupations. That is why exceptions are not considered desirable,” said Professor Nasreen.

Thinking about hair
There are examples of long hair in the Indian subcontinent or in Bangladesh at different times associated with the practice of Baul, Pir and Maizbhandar gharana or artistic literature including Sufi saints.

But sociologists say that men’s “serious”, successful and formal “looks” are thought to have shorter hair.

Jinat Huda Wahid, a professor in the Department of Sociology at Dhaka University, thinks that politics and sociology have a close relationship with hair.

He explains: “Bangladesh’s society and politics are now going through a kind of transition. That is why (thinking) is moving towards modern style or fashion in the world as well as radical sentiments.”

Professor Wahid thinks that the very conservative mindset of the people is behind the incidents of cutting long hair at different times in different parts of the country.

Tolerance is declining in the society as one person cannot change his own clothes or hairstyle if he wants to.

The name of the haircut
The names of different haircuts for boys have been heard at different times in Bangladesh.

Most of these fashionable haircuts are popular in imitation of local and foreign film actors, models and music stars.

Some people like to cut their hair following cricket and football stars. Some people like to cut their hair short like the members of law enforcement.

However, the boycott of ordinary grandchildren’s hair is also popular.

Although what exactly is meant by “circumcision cut”, the chairman of Jahanpur Union of Char Fashion Mr. It was not possible to know as Hawladar’s phone number was blocked.

No haircut is common in this salon by this name.


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