Grow capsicum on the porch?

How to choose a tub
For capsicum cultivation, choose a tub with several holes at the bottom. It will not accumulate excess water in the soil. Trees can be planted in geo bags or grow bags instead of tubs. Pick tubs at least 10 to 12 inches deep.

Grow capsicum on the porch?
Grow capsicum on the porch?

Seeds or seedlings?
If you want to plant seedlings, plant seedlings about one month old. If you want to make seedlings from seeds, bury the seeds at a depth of 2-3 cm with soil in a seeding tray or small container. The seeds will be germinated within 3 weeks. If you have two leaves, you can plant it in a tub.

Fertilizer and soil
It is better to prepare the soil by mixing one third organic manure. You can also mix cocoa peat and neem cake. One month after planting in the tub, apply 1 teaspoon of urea fertilizer.

Where to put the tub
Places suitable for light, wind and sun exposure are suitable for Capsicum cultivation. Trees should be kept in sunlight for at least 8 hours every day.

Find out

Water should be given in such a way that the soil does not dry out completely and water does not freeze again.
You can cover the base of the tree with dry leaves.
Hard poles should be arranged so that the tree does not fall down.
The tree will start bearing fruit within three months of planting.
In case of leaf curl disease, you can spray soap and water.


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