Chile’s new president is Gabriel Boric

Chile’s new president is former leftist student leader Gabriel Boric. He is now the youngest leader in the country. Local elections were held on Sunday (December 19) in Chile.

Chile's new president is Gabriel Boric
Chile’s new president is Gabriel Boric

Al-Jazeera and the Guardian report that Gabriel Boric has been elected president with the highest number of votes in Chile’s history. Borik, a left-wing ideologue, won 56% of the vote. His opponent received 44 percent of the vote. This is the result of almost 99 percent of the polling stations.

Right-wing conservative leader Jose Antonio Cast lost to Cte d’Ivoire in the Chilean election. He will take over the presidency of Chile next March.

Gabriel Boric successfully led the rights movement while still a student. Although he did not finish his studies, Borik showed success in the field of politics. He was elected to the Chilean Congress in 2013 and served two terms as a deputy.

Boric wants to decentralize power in Chile, turning Chile into a welfare state. Besides, they want to increase the state allocation for the betterment of the backward people. He wants to bring the country out of the place of the dictatorship that Pinochet established in August.

Protests against economic inequality in Chile lasted several months in 2019. Then for the first time the presidential election was voted. This vote has finally paved the way for constitutional reform.

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