Basic concepts of search engine optimization

Search engine optimization

For those who have a website or want to learn SEO for freelancing, this article is for you. Of course, like everyone else, if you type something into Google and do a search, your site will be the first to appear. If you notice, not only the bad quality site or that matter, those types of sites also appear on the first page. Google does not want to show this way. They want to show the best and relevant site first. SEO needs to be learned if you want your site to appear first.

What is SEO?

That’s what I said earlier. SEO is about Google, or, there are many other search engines, which means that my site is the best. Google uses some algorithms to determine which is good and relevant. That’s why some work has to be done. On your own site and others’ sites.

SEO has two parts:

1 – On-page SEO (Own site)

2 – Off-page SEO (On others site)

On-page SEO:

It’s about working on your own site. Such as using good keywords, title tags, meta tags, creating sitemaps, creating Robot.txt files, these are on-page search engine optimization. It also involves creating websites that are easy to load. Make the site design attractive and do whatever it takes to benefit those who visit.

Off-page SEO:

As you can see by the name, it is something to do outside your web page. This is basically to create a Backlink. And Backlink is the link to your site on another site. The better your site comes to visit your site, the greater the importance of your site to Google. The Bangla site comes very easily on the first page, a lot needs to be done in the case of the English site. Forum posting, blog posting, various high page rankings on the site. It is best if you can provide a Backlink to the educational site or a government site.

Seo is divided into 2. These are:

  1. White Hat SEO
  2. Black Hat SEO

It has nothing to do with white or black hat, they are actually related to good and bad. White Hat is the way search engines want it and Black Hat is taking advantage of vulnerabilities. Many nasty sites are coming to the front page of Blackhat SEO. They are likely to be blacklisted sometime later.

Lastly, the only thing that can be done legally here is SEO. Be able to learn to read regularly. Whatever your qualifications, you can learn as much as SEO. However, it is not as easy as you think. You have to give time, and try to learn. If you have your own website, if not, start by opening a free site on Blogspot.


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