Australia has not seen so much rain in a hundred years

Australia has not seen so much rain in a hundred years

Australia’s east coast has been hit by the heaviest rainfall in its 100-year history. The Australian National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has issued an emergency warning. Local authorities have instructed residents of the northwest to evacuate quickly and safely.

Public life in New South Wales has been disrupted by torrential rains over the past few days in Australia. The house is being swept away by the current. The flood situation has taken a terrible turn. The low-lying areas have been submerged due to the river flowing over the danger zone. Authorities in Sydney’s northwest have ordered residents to evacuate on an emergency basis.

The main roads have already been closed along with educational institutions in different parts of Sydney to handle the situation. Tourist travel has also been banned. Hundreds of people have taken shelter in shelters due to rising water levels in their homes.

Meanwhile, for the first time in its 100-year history, floodwaters are spreading over Sydney’s main water source. Massive damage has been reported in various parts of the south-north coast of New South Wales.

“We are very concerned about the heavy rains,” said Justin Robinson, manager of the country’s national disaster management department. It is the highest rainfall in the last one hundred years.

The country’s meteorological department has forecast 100 mm of rain in Sydney and 300 mm in the Blue Mountains in the coming days. Local authorities have declared a state of emergency until Thursday.


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