43 migrants die in boat sinking off Moroccan coast

At least 43 migrants, including three children, have been killed when a boat capsized off the coast of the southern Moroccan city of Tarfaya. Besides, 10 migrants were rescued alive from the boat involved in the accident.
The Spanish news agency Caminado Frontieras, which works to protect the rights of immigrants, was quoted in a report on Tuesday (January 18th) as saying by AFP. This Spanish company is also known as Walking Borders.

43 migrants die in boat sinking off Moroccan coast
43 migrants die in boat sinking off Moroccan coast

Survivors were screaming for help after the boat carrying migrants sank off the southern coast of Morocco on Sunday morning, AFP reported. After two hours it was possible to contact them.

According to Caminado Frontieras, it took Moroccan authorities several hours to identify and rescue the boat. Of the 43 dead, only two have been recovered so far.

The migrants were sailing to the islands off the coast of Spain. The archipelago is located 100 kilometers (62 miles) off the southern coast of Tarfaya, Morocco. In recent months, this North African country has become very popular with migrants as a transit route to Europe.

According to human rights group Caminado Frontieras, more than 4,000 migrants died or were lost at sea in 2021 alone as they tried to enter Spain illegally. Which is double that of 2020.

The bodies of most of these migrants who died or were lost at sea have not been found.



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